Private In-house

Our in-house training programs provide the latest in sales training technology. Tailored to today’s customers, these focused, one-on-one sessions provide you (and/or your team) with private, in-depth training designed to help you understand today’s customers and their different buying styles. 

Our fresh strategy to understanding what influences a customer’s decision making style and how to appeal to the customer is a key component. Private in-house programs are priced by the day, making it flexible and affordable for any organization to improve or enhance their frontline.



  • Professional Greeting and Process Control

  • Profiling, Trade Discovery and Vehicle Selection

  • Value Building Walk Around Demonstration

  • Negotiating and Closing I

  • Negotiating and Closing II

  • Prospecting and Follow-up

  • MSI Sales Certification

  • Trade Transition

  • 100% Write –Up

  • Price Payment

  • Intro to Service

  • Identifying Customer Buying Styles

  • Handling Objections

  • Process Closing Techniques